Kolkata Weekend Tours | Bishnupur, Bankura

Bishnupur, a town in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal known for its unique terracotta temples in India. There are several temples, dating from 17th and 18th century, which display an exquisite art form and each more beautifully embellished than the other.

You could have 2 option to visit here, either you take a day tour from kolkata which will take take 8/9 hrs for a complete tour, or you could choose to stay and take a full day tour with the culture of bishnupur to mix up with.

This place is well connected by Road and Rail. Nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport , it is located 160km from kolkata, which will take about 4 hours scenic drive. Or you could take direct buses/trains from kolkata.

Upon arrival into Bishnupur,

begin with a visit of the foremost notable temples:

Pancha ratnaTemple of Shyam Rai

Jorebangla Temple of Keshta Rai

Raghunathjiu Temple

Madanmohan Temple

Dalmadal Kaman



Acharya Jogeshchandra Museum


Pathar Darwaja (Main Gateway of Bishnupur)

Garh Darwaja (Small Gateway of Bishnupur)

Stone Chariot

Nutan Mahal

Bishnupur hawa mahal

Memorial of Shrinibas Acharya

Gour-Nitai Temple (Tejpal)

KeshabRai Temple (Patpur)

Radhamadhab Temple (built in 1737 CE by Shiramonidevi)

Joypur Forest

Joypur Forest Abandan Airport

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Kolkata Weekend Tours | Joypur Forest, Bankura

Joypur Forest is the places to go to if you love lush forests and variety in flora and fauna. Also, visit the nearby historic town of Bishnupur for its 17th century terracotta temples, the aazing Kansabati Dam and serene Mukutmanipur Lake. There are beautiful resorts here flanked by forests and gardens. Joypur Forest is the ideal weekend destination for you in monsoons & Winter!

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Kolkata Weekend Tours | Shantiniketan

বাঙালি র প্রান এর ঠিকানা…

Shantiniketan (‘abode of peace’) is one of the outstanding creations of Rabindranath Tagore (1861–1941), the great writer, artist, songwriter, educationalist, 1913 Nobel literature laureate and central figure of the Bengali Renaissance. It was here in 1901 that Tagore founded a school, and in 1921 a university, the Visva-Bharati, that became a nerve centre of Bengali culture with a focus on the arts, humanities and contact with nature and a revolutionary philosophy of breaking barriers between cultures, religions, castes, the sexes, teachers and students, city and country, east and west. University and school continue largely to follow Tagore’s principles today, with around 10,000 Indian and international students, a healthily coeducational atmosphere, and classes still held in the open air under the campus trees.

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Kolkata Weekend Tours | Bankura

Bankura has gained wide appeal as a popular tourist destination. The district can legitimately take pride in having a wide range of spots attracting tourists for a variety of reasons ranging from Arts and Arcitecture, Terracota temples, dense virgin forests, hills and the scenic spots at Mukutmoipur etc

Bankura district, falling under Eastern Chhotanagpur Plateau, looks like handpicked by Mother Nature and is blessed with old brown hills, murmuring rivers, ancient temples- all bearing testimony to a rich and resourceful culture and tradition.

Situated in the western part of the State of West Bengal it comes under the Burdwan division and it forms a part of what is popularly known as Rarh area in Bengal.

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Kolkata Weekend Tours | Burdwan, Katwa, Belun Village

অপেক্ষা কিসের? চলে আসুন…
Belun Village & Katwa Tours..

One of the best weekend tourist destination…
Ganga, Gangetic Dolphin, Snake Village, Attohas Satipith Is waiting For You…

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Kolkata Weekend Tours | Digha, Tajpur, Mandarmani, Sankarpur

Tajpur Beach West Bengal : –

The serenity, pristine beauty and soothing ambience of Tajpur Beach in Midnapore makes it an ideal destination for a lovely beach holiday. It is located between Mandarmani and Shakarpur and serves as a weekend getaway. The beach is unique by way of its inverted crescent shape. Apart from the ocean water and sand, it’s the red crabs that you get to see in abundance at this well-known beach destination in Midnapore. There are fishermen’s villages located in close proximity to the beach, and, on any day, you can also see fishermen engaged in their daily activity.

Shankarpur Beach West Bengal : –

Situated about 17 km east of Digha, Shankarpur, a popular beach in West Bengal, is also a regular fishing harbour. With clean seafront, soothing ambiance and exotic nature, this famous tourist place in West Bengal is one of the most prominent hideouts for travellers. The shoreline is blessed with a long stretch of golden sand along with dense casuarina plantations. It is best to visit the beach during sunset and sunrise, or during a full moon night, when the views are simply spectacular. Not just this, Shankarpur Beach is also one of the most popular places of tourist interests in West Bengal for shutterbugs. The pristine nature and exotic surroundings offer plenty of opportunities to click some amazing pictures. On the whole, Shankarpur Beach is an attraction that cannot be missed while vacationing in West Bengal mainly because of its virgin beauty.

Mandarmani Beach West Bengal : –

After Digha, Mandarmani is one of the most popular beach destinations in West Bengal. The strip of sand stretches to almost 13km, while the atmosphere enveloping it is serene. From enjoying a leisurely stroll to sungazing, tourists can try a variety of activities during their sightseeing tour of Mandarmani. It is renowned for being the longest drivable beach in India. Red crabs, which visit the beach in large numbers, are also a beautiful sight to come across.

Digha Beach, West Bengal : –

Digha Beach, located in Purba Medinipur, is one of the few beaches in West Bengal, and for that reason, is extremely popular with its inhabitants. It boasts a 7 km shorel

Kolkata Weekend Tours | Bakkhali

Bakkhali Beach West Bengal :-

Bakkhali Beach is located on a deltaic island, one of the many scattered across southern Bengal. The one on which this beach is located, protrudes into the Bay of Bengal. Crescent shaped and facing the south side, it offers wonderful views of sunrise and sunset. The beach is not as crowded as the other beaches.

The beach gets its particularly beautiful appearance from the dense mangrove forest overlooking it. There is also a market at the beach where you can lay your hands on necklaces, bags and other items made from shells. While visiting Bakkhali Sea Beach, do not forget to try the delicious seafood.

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Kolkata Weekend Tours | Moushuni Island

Mousuni Island, West Bengal

Mousuni is a tiny island which is attached to the Sunderbans Delta near Namkhana in West Bengal. Boasting of golden sandy shores, mesmerising orange sunsets and a beautiful view of the horizon, the island was first developed by the British to trade salt and dry fish. Considered to be a paradise among the nature lovers because of its serenity and tranquility, the island is a beautiful confluence of the river and the sea.

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Kolkata Weekend Tours | Murshidabad

Located on the bank of River Bhagirathi, Murshidabad is an ancient city in West Bengal. It is believed that the city was on its height of glory before the British rulers shifted the capital to Kolkata. The town still bears memories of Nawabs that once ruled here and contributed in the city’s beauty by building mosques, tombs, and gardens. They even set up industries of ivory, gold and silver embroidery and silk weaving. Murshidabad today is a centre for agriculture, handicrafts and sericulture.


Hazarduari Palace Museum
Wasef Manzil
Jalangi River
Nasipur Palace
Katra Mosque

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CanonKatgola #nabab #ryasktourism @ Murshidabad – মুর্শিদাবাদ